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Virtual Pets - similiar to real-life pets but without the messy cleanups!

Virtual pets are another type of virtual life - several examples of them are displayed on this page. Many of these virtual pets have and express emotions such as hunger, thirst, anger, fright, sadness, love, and affection.

Many of these virtual pets also use neural networks to learn. Consequently, these virtual pets can be trained and even develop distinct personalities over time based on their interaction with their owners and their environment.

Many of these virtual pets require care and attention from their owners. Failure to do so can result in the sickness or even the end of their virtual life.

And some of these virtual pets can communicate with their owners, either via speech or their attempts to communicate in their own virtual life language.


virtual pet spider of Virtual Creatures Virtual Creatures by Global Beach Ltd

Virtual Creatures allows you to have virtual pet tarantulas: Mexican Red Knee and Chilean Rose. These virtual pets require care from you and via their artificial intelligence can become sad, angry, thirsty, hungry, and can even die if neglected. Their creators spent several months observing their real-life counterparts to insure that these virtual pets display the key characteristics of them. For more info on this virtual pet .


Mopy, the virtual pet fishMopy by Global Beach Ltd

Mopy is a life-like virtual pet fish that you nurture and feed. Failure to do so can result in the end of its virtual life. More info on this virtual pet fish.


virtual pet dragon of AnidragonAnidragon by Teknik Digital ArtsAnidragon, another screenshot of this virtual life

This is a 3D animated virtual pet dragon and screen saver. You can select from up to 10 different breeds of dragons. Your virtual pet dragon lives in a fantasy world with changing weather, day and night, and exotic wildlife. More info on this virtual life.


Monster Rancher 4Monster Rancher 4 by Tecmotraining a virtual pet monster in monster rancher 4

Monster Rancher 4 allows you to breed and train multiple virtual pet monsters. Furthermore, it lets you take your virtual pet monsters with you to distant lands where you battle other monsters, and unlock codes to new characters. More info on these virtual pets.


Seaman, the virtual pet fish with a human faceSeaman by Sega of America, IncAnother picture of Seaman, the virtual life organism

Seaman allows you to raise a human-faced virtual pet fish from egg to adulthood. You feed him, and regulate his water temperature and oxygen level; neglecting him will cause him to complain. Due to this virtual pet's artificial intelligence, you can even have conversations by using a microphone. More info on Seaman, virtual pet fish.


Dogz 5 allows you to adopt virtual pet dogsDogz 5 by UBI SoftDogz 5 allows you to raise virtual pet dogs

Another example of virtual life, Dogz 5 allows you to interact and play with many breeds of virtual pet dogs such as Golden Retriever, Jack Russell Terrier, Pug, Papillion, and German Shepherd. You can even raise a litter of virtual pet puppies. More info on Dogz 5.


Catz 5 allows you to adopt virtual pet catsCatz 5 by UBI SoftCatz 5 allows you to raise virtual pet cats

Catz 5 allows you to interact and play with many breeds of virtual pet cats such as Japanese Bobtail, Scottish Fold, Honey Bear, Egyptian Mau, and Desert Lynx. You can even raise a litter of virtual pet kittens. More info on these virtual pet cats.


VI Evolver - virtual pet that mutates after it feedsVI Evolver by Quantum Flux

This simulates an underwater virtual pet creature that swims around trying to catch food. Whenever this virtual pet eats, parts of him will morph into a new shape and his skin color will change. If these changes help him catch food better, they will be selected for. As time goes on, this virtual pet will evolve into a new and unique creature. More info.


Sticky, the virtual pet life formSticky - Virtual Life Form by Quantum Flux

Sticky is a virtual pet life form whose artificial intelligence is based on a model of human brain function, having control over each bone of a blended mesh skeletal system. Sticky is a bit weirded out, and enjoys chattering with and chasing his friend Ed around. More info on this virtual pet.


Virtual Intelligence RaptorVirtual Intelligence Raptor by Quantum Flux

This virtual life simulator is of a virtual raptor bird exploring grasslands in Southern California looking for food. More info.


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